Art is a large part of the gaming community.  It’s a way for people to express their love for games, whether it be an object they’ve physically created from a game to a drawing of their favorite character.  Fanart is a large way people use to express said love through mainly drawings of their favorite character from a game.  This is dedicated to all those artist who’ve spent hours drawing away just to show their love of a video game.


Making Mechachu by *Ry-Spirit on deviantART


Super Mario Universe by *LuigiL on deviantART


Sonic Generations by *super-tuler on deviantART


The legend of Zelda by *Lavah on deviantART


Journey. by ~JustSomeZombie007 on deviantART

(I own none of the artwork, everything is owned by the respective artist.)



Want some video game related items in person but can’t buy them from the big companies?  Well here’s a simple solution!

All you need is:



-Whatever design you want to make

I happened to make some blocks from the popular game Minecraft (which were found here:, but you can make whatever you want, as long as you can find a print out for it.  Papercraft is fairly simple, all you really need to do is cut along the outline of what you printed and then fold wherever needed.  Then just glue or tape or whatever the sides together and you have yourself a pretty cool item to display on your desk or wherever you want.



Need a little health boost?  Well you’ve come to the right place.  Learn how to brew up you’re own health and/or magic potion! (Might not want to drink it though.)

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

-Bottle (any shape will do, used a flask shaped to give it a more fantasy feel, bought at Michaels)


-Food dye (red and/or blue)


Step 2: Add Water

It’s as simple as that, just take whatever shaped bottle you have and add some water to it.  I’d suggest not filling it up completely to make it look more believable or as if it’s been used before.

Step 3: Color

Now, take you’re food coloring and put in about 2-3 drops of whatever color you picked and shake it a little to fill in the water.

(optional) Step 4: Label

If you want to make your potion a little more fancy looking, you can take some string and some paper to make a fancy little label to give it a real fantasy look to it.

And that’s it!  You now have you’re own health and/or magic potion!  You can now travel safely knowing you can heal at anytime and be ready for any monster you may come across on your journey.



Here’s a quick craft to help spice up your Easter holiday!

All you need is:

-Eggs (hollowing them out is recommended)

-Markers (I used Sharpies)

-An idea

All you have to do is take your egg and draw whatever comes to mind.  Since this is a video game related blog, I decided to go with the classic mushroom from Super Mario Brothers since it has a nice rounded shape like an egg. Get creative or look around online for some ideas and just start drawing away!



Ever wanted to bring your childhood to life?  Well here’s how to in the form of a wooden pixel statue!

Step 1: Materials

As for any type of craft, you’re gonna need some supplies:

Wooden cubes (can be ordered in bulk from here: and any size will do, I’m personally using 1/2 inch cubes.)

– Acrylic paint (any kind will do, I’m using Liquitex Basics.)

Super and/or wood glue (I’m using Gorilla super glue because it leaves a clear residue and drys very quickly.)

(optional) Varnish (can give your statue a shine and helps the glue hold it together.)


                                                                                    Step 2: Choose your character

For my statue and this demonstration, I’ll be doing the Pokemon trainer from the classic games Pokemon Red/Blue.  You can choose whatever character you would like but it should be a pixel sprite so it is easy to follow.  I also recommend starting with something fairly simple as the number of blocks you use start to add up quickly.  Which leads into the next step…

Pokemon Red Sprite2

Step 3: Counting  the pixels

Based on whichever character you choose, the number of blocks you use and of course the paint you use is gonna be different from everyone else.  Which is why you should start with something with not that many blocks and different colors as a first project.  My recommendation would be to start with something like a Space Invader or Pacman as they are all one color and aren’t that many pixels (as compared to the one I’m doing).  Anyways, as stated already, I’m doing the classic Pokemon trainer and his pixel count comes out to 176 cubes (92 black, 40 red, and 44 white).


Step 4: Paint

After carefully counting out how many of each color cube you’re gonna need, start painting away!  I’d would recommend painting all of the cubes first because you don’t have to be super careful when painting them as apposed to gluing them first then painting.  Also, you may have noticed that I stated that there were 44 white ones but in the picture above they’re not painted, that is because I chose not to paint them white as to give it a more natural wood feeling and I feel it brings out the other colors better than actually painting them white.

Step 5: Gluing

Once you are done painting all your cubes, it’s now time to glue them!  I recommend going cube by cube instead of row by row as I noticed that not all the cubes are cut perfectly.  When I was done gluing some rows, they would actually be curved a tad bit so it made it a bit harder to glue each row together and made an uneven texture to the front of it which you may not want.  If you go cube by cube, it should come out smoother as you can place every cube in perfectly.

(Optional) Step 6: Varnish

If you want to give a shine to your statue, you can use a glossy varnish to give it that glowing shine and it’ll help hold the glue together, making it even stronger than just the super glue itself.

And that’s it! You’re all done and have a cool statue that you can put on you desk or if you really want to, you can hang on your wall!  Have fun remembering your childhood!


If you need any help or just need more of a visual, I recommend you check out this video by iHasCupquake on Youtube:

If you feel you’re too lazy to make one yourself, you can always contact me and I’ll be glad to make you one… for a price of course. ;D